Robin Hammond

@ Channel Marketing Manager, Bullitt Group/Cat phones

Learn how Cat phones have increased safety through technology.

Infectious and communicable medical conditions are easily spread where people congregate. It can be tough to identify people exhibiting potential symptoms that cannot be seen, such as an elevated temperature.

The Cat S60 and its successor, the Cat S61 are the first smartphones with integrated thermal imaging cameras. They can be properly cleaned and disinfected periodically, or after use.  Designed, engineered, and manufactured by the UK-based, market-leading rugged device vendor, Bullitt Group, these products form part of the company’s successful Cat phones range of brand-licensed products. The embedded FLIR Lepton thermal cameras have proven to be an indispensable tool in a host of contexts, from healthcare to facility management.

As part of the marketing team, Robin works with Bullitt’s valued partners to bring the innovation of Cat phones to the forefront of the verticals they serve.