Leysa Cerswell-Kielburger

@ Co-Founder of WE Well-being

Leysa Cerswell Kielburger is the co-founder of WE Well-being, a program that empowers people of all ages with educational programs, resources, and opportunities to promote their own mental well-being the well-being of others. Leysa is also a faculty member at the Centre for Mindfulness Studies, where she develops mindfulness-based programs and trains health care practitioners and educators. She has taught and practiced across North America, Asia and Africa.

Leysa has contributed to multiple books and journals, and her PhD dissertation in Clinical Psychology focused on mental health care for underserved and marginalized populations. As part of her work on WE Well-being, Leysa is the author of the Well-being Playbook, a hands on guide of everyday actions to promote positive mental well-being.