Jason Tetro

@ Scientist, Super Awesome Science Show Host

Jason Tetro is an advisory board member with TIPS, The Infection Prevention Strategy. He has been involved in health-related microbiology and immunology for the last 30 years.

He has worked in various fields including bloodborne, food and water pathogens; environmental microbiology; disinfection and antisepsis; and emerging pathogens such as the Zika virus. In the public, he is better known as The Germ Guy.

He has written two books, The Germ Code, which was shortlisted as Science Book of The Year in 2014, and The Germ Files, which spent several weeks on the national bestseller list. He has also co-edited, The Human Microbiome Handbook, which provides an academic perspective on the impact of microbes in human health. He is currently the host of the Super Awesome Science Show, which explores how science fits into our everyday lives. He lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.