Social Responsibility & Sustainability:

UN’s Sustainability Development Goals

How to Use Sustainability to Gain Competitive Advantage

New Trends in Sustainability, Including SDGs & New Legislation

How to Define Sustainability for Your Organization

Green Buildings

Women in the Workforce: The Social & Equity Aspect of Sustainability

How Sustainability Can Be Used to Address Today’s Social Challenges (e.g. affordable housing, community service, etc.)

Potential Alternatives/Replacements for those above:

An Overview of Sustainability Principles and the Three Pillars (Environmental, Social & Economic)

How to Set Up Comprehensive Sustainability Strategies for Reducing Carbon

Supply Chain within Sustainability Management

2) Leadership & Next Generation Strategies:

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2.1) Case Study: The Sustainability Leadership of Sunnybrook Hospital

2.2) Implementing New Products and Technologies into Your Organization

2.3) Successful Change Management Tips for Environmental Service and Cleaning Leaders

2.4) OS-1 Program for Cleaning Management (a cleaning management program used by many of the Top US Universities, and large organizations

2.5) Challenges of a Property Manager

2.6) Commercial & Entity Sustainability

2.7) Disaster Preparedness

Potential Alternatives/Replacements for those above:

2.8) Doing More With Less - Improving Processes With Technology

2.9) Recruiting & Retaining Cleaning Staff

3) Cleaning and Infection Prevention & Control:

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3.1) Reducing Overall Cleaning Costs

3.2) Sustainability Benchmarks for Cleaning Results

3.3) New Technologies & Innovations for Infection Prevention & Control

3.4) Environmental Cleaning and Disinfecting Guidelines and Standards

3.5) The CAEM Cleaning and Disinfection in Ontario Schools Project

3.6) How to Market Your Cleaning Business

3.7) EVS Auditing Systems

Potential Alternative/Replacement for those above:

3.8) EVS Training Programs – What’s Available

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