How to Manage Coronavirus / COVID-19 In Your Facility

Barley Chironda, RN, will lead a panel of facilities management experts from various industries such as healthcare, transportation, and public institutions. Our panelists share a common trait: They all have faced the challenge of Coronavirus in their organization, and have practical real-life strategies to share!

Come learn from healthcare organizations and facilities managers as they share perspectives and practical tools and techniques including:

  • How to prepare your facility: hands-on infection prevention and control measures for large sites and building environments.
  • Strategies you need to know for cleaning operations in your facility.
  • Organizing and collaborating with your response team. Who will you need onboard and what roles will they play?
  • Plan-ahead messaging for communications and media relations.
  • Budgeting in advance for emergencies – what equipment and resources will you need?
  • Our experts discuss the unique strategies that they’ve deployed for managing cleaning and disinfection in their organization.

Get a chance to ask questions and learn from others through their process.

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